Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a body building competition?

No, not at all. But a good body does help!

Do I need to be a certain height to enter?

No, there is not a height restriction

What are the organisers and judges looking for?

Someone who looks good, is charismatic and great to work with.

How do I apply?

The only way to apply is via this website on the apply page

What happens then?

Vibe collates all the entries. Once the closing date has passed, we will invite a number of applicants for interviews. From these interviews, the finalists are selected.

When and where is the final?

The final happens every summer in Cardiff on the same weekend as the Miss Wales final.

What will I have to do?

There's an interview with judges and then three catwalk rounds

What happens if I win?

If you win, you will get the title 'Mister Wales' for the given year. You will also get the opportunity to represent Wales at either Manhunt International or Mister World (on the basis that the events do take place during your year of reign. Please note, Vibe does not have control over whether these competitions do or don't run).

You will also get the chance to judge the Miss Wales regional heats and be offered some personal appearances

Will it change my life?

No! It wont make you either rich or famous and we recommend you do not consider giving up your job or studies. However, it should put a nice spring in your step, give you some exciting opportunities and help your confidence!

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